E-iron Sharpening E-iron | We Cannot Help Tweeting About

[Have you heard God speak through a tweet?]

I have.

If you live in the southeast U.S., and are on facebook and/or twitter, I’m sure you have a friend that is always posting scripture or something that includes the name Jesus or the infamous book:verse 1:23 in their status

I am that friend.

I’m always tweeting & often including scripture, encouragements, or being simply open with my faith. In fact, most of my friends do this, as well. It’s a new way of keeping each other accountable, sharing burdens, moving mountains & prayer.

It’s e-iron sharpening e-iron

It’s certainly a blessing to be a part of a community of believers that are plugged into their

Twitter Layout 01/2009

Twitter Layout 01/2009 (Photo credit: Andy Ciordia)

social networks. I receive tweets from people I’m subscribed to and am perpetually encouraged and kept accountable throughout the day and I would certainly encourage you to find a community or a brother/sister of faith & tweet/facebook encouragements/scripture or even share something revealed to you during your time with the Almighty.

And for those on the opposite end of the spectrum – whether you find it annoying or not as a believer or non – seeing tweets & statuses in the name of the Father… from those on fire….

…”We cannot help speaking about what we’ve seen and heard” (Acts 4:20)