Free Coffee | July 4th Awakening

In celebration of July 4th – Starbucks is giving away One Free Tall Cup of Hot coffee to EVERYONE 

You do not need

English: Starbucks in the Financial District n...

English: Starbucks in the Financial District near South Station in Boston, United States. October 2007 photo by John Stephen Dwyer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • A Starbucks card
  • An ID
  • A sense of humor
  • Good hygiene

In fact, you really don’t need anything. It’s free. From: Starbucks, To: The United States

But inevitably, someone will complain.

“But I don’t like coffee, can I get tea instead?”

“It’s really hot outside, how about iced coffee?”

“Can’t you just give me a Grande instead; that’s what I usually get.”

There’s just something not right about complaining over what’s being given free as a gift to us.

On Christmas morning, you don’t say “Oh, I don’t want this mp3 player; I really wanted an iPod”


“Thanks Mom for making dinner, but I’d rather you do my homework instead.”


“Thank You Jesus for dying for my sins, but I’d rather have…

  • a lot of money
  • carefree casual sex
  • an easy life
  • nothing to do with You

 WHAT?!  Did I just compare free coffee to Jesus dying on the cross for our sins? Yes; however, Jesus loves us more than Starbucks does.

If something isn’t our ‘cup of tea,’ we’re hesitant to change our ways for it whether it’s better for us or not. At least, that’s how it is in western culture. But the real question is – What is it really going to cost you to not accept what is being given to you for free.

Just as you have to come to Starbucks to receive that free hot tall cup of coffee…

…You have to come to Jesus for salvation.

if you want it.