E-iron Sharpening E-iron | We Cannot Help Tweeting About

[Have you heard God speak through a tweet?]

I have.

If you live in the southeast U.S., and are on facebook and/or twitter, I’m sure you have a friend that is always posting scripture or something that includes the name Jesus or the infamous book:verse 1:23 in their status

I am that friend.

I’m always tweeting & often including scripture, encouragements, or being simply open with my faith. In fact, most of my friends do this, as well. It’s a new way of keeping each other accountable, sharing burdens, moving mountains & prayer.

It’s e-iron sharpening e-iron

It’s certainly a blessing to be a part of a community of believers that are plugged into their

Twitter Layout 01/2009

Twitter Layout 01/2009 (Photo credit: Andy Ciordia)

social networks. I receive tweets from people I’m subscribed to and am perpetually encouraged and kept accountable throughout the day and I would certainly encourage you to find a community or a brother/sister of faith & tweet/facebook encouragements/scripture or even share something revealed to you during your time with the Almighty.

And for those on the opposite end of the spectrum – whether you find it annoying or not as a believer or non – seeing tweets & statuses in the name of the Father… from those on fire….

…”We cannot help speaking about what we’ve seen and heard” (Acts 4:20)


A Leap Second | On Cursed Ground

Well, we’ve gained an entire second this year and what a second it has been! Of course, I

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time (Photo credit: ToniVC)

just think they should have added the extra second to the New Year’s countdown in Time’s Square. At least we would’ve noticed it…perhaps.

Scientists say that the earth is spinning just a bit slow & the second is to make up for the time that can accumulate over time to avoid having nighttime during the day and summer in the winter and so forth.

For me, I’m just fascinated by man’s attempts to make tools to fit the creations of God. Even though this may not seem like a”painful toil” (Genesis 3:17), it is still of the cursed (slowly spinning) ground of the Earth AND man is still trying to fit the square peg to the inevitable round hole by having to adjust our tool of time to fit the earthly creation.

If only I could feel that extra second come 5am. Phew…